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New SHOM COO, Dr. Yang Introduces a Functional Medicine and Health Coach Program to Revolutionize Health Care for Chronic Conditions

[April 2021] — The Southern Home Medical, Inc. (SHOM) in New York has announced the appointment of Dr. Lei Yang as their new Chief Operation Officer.

Dr. Lei Yang is a New York state-licensed acupuncturist and a functional medicine provider, who brings over thirty years of experience in the industry. He has successfully carried out medical practices in the field and is well-known for his exceptional skills and expertise. In the last two years, Dr. Yang introduced a one-of-a-kind medical project to incorporate functional medicine with health coach programs.

Appointed as SHOM’s new COO, Dr. Yang reveals his plans of launching a new health coach and functional medicine platform. The platform will offer seamless digital health coach programs, and in-office functional medical care. Expert professionals from primary care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture and a health coach will be part of this project.

“Our vision is to help our clients with better Health and better care, a personalized health coach and support for chronic conditions, online or in-person. Our mission is to provide a new version of health care for all through our human-centered and technology-powered model,” says Dr. Yang, COO of Southern Home Medical Inc. Dr. Yang takes pride in integrating Chinese holistic medical care into his practice, which forms the basis of treatment for various chronic conditions by adapting long-term lifestyle changes.

Dr. Yang quoted a famous saying from the 1800s by Sir John Lubbock, the 4th baronet, which says, “Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine.” He added, “This statement was provoking at the time, but it managed to endure to this day.”

As part of this initiative, SHOM will set up headquarters in Highland Park, New Jersey, to kick-start their health coach training and in-office visits. Dr. Yang’s long-term plans include opening more satellite clinics and offices around the tri-state area and expand their roots to other states.

“We are focusing on the frustrations and incurable chronic conditions, and we want to build our clinic convenient to where people work, shop, and live.”, Dr. Yang added.

According to a 2016 research report, 81% of consumers are dissatisfied with their healthcare experience for multiple reasons, including limited after-hours and digital access, long waiting times for appointments, extended in-office delays, short and impersonal visits, inconvenient locations, constrained access to specialists, lack of care coordination across clinical settings, and increasing healthcare costs.

The new Health Coach APP by SHOM will be based on direct membership enrollment. The annual membership model will include seamless access to 24/7 digital health services along with in-office care access. Some medical services will be covered under health insurance programs.

As stated by a SHOM representative, “Our technology drives high monthly active users within our membership, promoting ongoing and longitudinal patient relationships for better health outcomes and high member retention. It helps our service extend globally. Our tech team will build trust and rapport with our members by facilitating proactive digital health outreach as well as responsive on-demand virtual and in-office care.”

SHOM will develop clinically integrated partnerships with health networks to facilitate improved communication and timely access to specialty care where needed. They aim to bring a revolution in providing value-based care for all their members through clinical, wearable medical devices and digital integration.

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