Welcome to our 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

Southern Home Medical

is All Set to Launch Their First 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

The Event will be Executed in Partnership with True Health and Wellness, Metagenics, and Other Reputable Medical Providers

Weight loss can be a frustrating and challenging journey, especially if you have no one to accompany you along the way. Losing weight and working your way up to achieve a healthy, fit body can be a lot more fun if you do it in a group. By promoting a sense of togetherness and accountability, weight loss groups give way to higher individual success rates. 

This is where weight loss challenges come in. A little healthy competition can do wonders for people with similar fitness goals.      

Calling Out Individuals Who Want to Achieve a Fit, Lean Body in 4 Weeks!

With this in mind, Southern Home Medical (SHOM) is excited to announce its first weight loss challenge. In partnership with famous medical providers, this event aims to promote SHMO Health Coaching Program at the Brooklyn clinic. 

The event is open to all and free to enter. Participants don’t have to sign up for our health coaching service to participate in the challenge and get a free Fit 3D body scan. However, to become a contest winner, you must be using at least one of our services. Interested contestants can get information about these services at the clinic after registration. Participants can make purchases from our clinic only. 

What’s In It for You?

Three participants who achieve the best weight loss results while using our health coaching service will be announced winners of the 30-day challenge. Their photos and stories will be shared on our social media pages to inspire people. Winners will also become SHMO ambassadors and get exclusive perks. 

Participants who don’t win the challenge will still have a lot to gain. Our 30-day weight loss challenge has been designed to encourage people to take the first step on their fitness journey. During the four weeks, each contestant will try their best to shed as many pounds as possible, providing long-term health benefits.  

Each participant’s weight loss progress will be carefully monitored with a Fit 3D Body Scanner. The bi-weekly scanning will ensure that they are on the right track to achieving their weight loss goals by the end of the challenge.   

What Does the Challenge Include?

Our health coaching services have several levels to ensure that each challenger loses weight quickly, safely, and healthily. The challenge includes one month of health coaching service and nutritional guidance and accountability from fitness experts. 

All participants will consult with and be evaluated by a health coach who will develop personalized nutrition plans. The expert will also educate the challengers on the importance of nutrition, supplementation, and 10-day detoxification. 

In addition to fitness education and guidance, the participants will receive weekly newsletters for ongoing online support. 

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