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Southern Home MedicalIntroduces aTechnology-Powered Model to Digitizethe Healthcare Industry

[June 28, 2021]— After three years of preparation,Southern Home Medical, Inc. (SHOM)emerged as a personalized health coach and functionalmedicine platform during the COVID-19pandemic.

While the global crisis upended the healthcare industry,it created telehealth and wearablemedical device business opportunities. Ever sincethe pandemic started, people have adopted aremote lifestyle and have become more concerned abouttheir health and wellness than ever.The past two years saw a boom in demand for privatehealth coach services.

Jumping at the opportunity, SHOM came forward witha new, more advanced version ofhealthcare for chronic conditions. The company aimsto raise the overall healthcare standard byempowering individuals to improve their health andachieve wellness. It offers personalizedcoaching and support for chronic health conditionswith the optimal level of care both online andin person.

Dr. Lei Yang, the new COO of SHOM, is a licensed acupuncturistwho boasts over threedecades’ worth of experience managing multiple successfulmedical practices and other relatedbusinesses. In the past two years, his focus has shiftedto integrating functional medicine andhealth coach programs into his practice.

SHOM takes pride in offering digital health coachprograms and in-office medical care. Theservices include Primary care, Occupational Therapy,Chiropractic Treatment, and PhysicalTherapy, and Acupuncture. The idea is to make healthcareservices accessible for everyone,regardless of their location.

SHOM has established the first clinic in Brooklyn,New York. We anticipate that ourheadquarter will go live in Highland Park, New Jerseysoon. A couple of satellite clinics are alsounderway to provide health coach training and in-officevisits to those in need. The companyplans to expand its satellite office network throughoutthe tri-state area and in other states.

Commented Dr. Lei Yang, “The best thing about SHOM’shealth coach program is that it createsseveral job opportunities for people laid off duringthese unprecedented times. Clients can signup for their annual membership program that offersseamless access to digital health services24/7 paired with in-office care covered by commercialhealth insurance programs.”

SHOM’s tech team works to facilitate proactive digital health outreach and responsiveon-demand virtual and in-office care. Their clinicallyintegrated partnerships with healthnetworks ensure better health outcomes and high memberretention.

“We are excited to serve the people with premium qualityhealth coach services and medicalcare. Our tech-oriented, client-centered model ishighly scalable. By the end of 2021, we plan tobuild at least eight physical offices, including employeron-site clinics. We hope to train up to1000 health coaches and enroll approximately 100,000members across the globe,”says Dr. LeiYang.

About SHOM

SHOM is a thriving health coach and functional medicineplatform offering a digital health coachprogram and in-office medical care for the commerciallyinsured and working population andassociated dependents. It strives to make digitalhealth services accessible 24/7 nationwide.

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